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John OnwuchekwaJohn Onwuchekwa
Pouring New Narratives

A little about me

Everything in John Onwuchekwa’s life hinges on the power of words, both spoken and written. Whether it’s preaching, writing books, speaking into other people’s lives, framing new narratives through ventures like Portrait Coffee, or enjoying books and movies with his wife Shawndra and daughter Ava, in one way or another everything John does intersects with the beauty and power of words—both how he has been shaped by them and how he uses them to shape the world around him. Come learn more about John and how his story can speak into yours.


The Idea Guy

Through ventures like Portrait Coffee and The Crete Collective, John has been instrumental in endeavors that establish new narratives, particularly for Black and Brown folks. Tying all these plot lines together is John’s desire to see both individuals and communities thrive.

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Portrait Coffee

Portrait coffee

Our motivation is to change the picture that comes to mind when folks think of specialty coffee—to include the black and brown folks who have been cropped out.

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We Go On

Tragedy doesn't ruin us; hopelessness does

In We Go On, John reminds you that deeper purpose is available as you look beyond your ever-changing circumstances and find meaning in the God who never does.

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Four In The Morning

four in the morning

Listen to John and the people that inspire him as they talk about what it means to live in hopeful defiance, no matter what it looks like outside.

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Cornerstone Church
Co-Founding Pastor

Cornerstone Church

At Cornerstone Church, our mission is to display the greatness of Jesus through the everyday lives of His people. We believe that by the community of God consistently and comprehensively displaying the greatness and goodness of God, we will see overwhelming solutions to the areas of need in Southwest Atlanta.

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Crete Collective

the crete collective

The Crete Collective exists to establish gospel-driven churches in distressed and neglected Black and Brown communities.

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We Go On: Soundtrack

we go on: SOundtrack

"I love movie soundtracks. While I don’t rewatch a ton of movies, I do re-listen to movie soundtracks. In re-listening to the soundtracks, I get to re-live the movie. Most people don’t re-read books. So I hope that listening to the soundtrack will help y’all to re-live some of the experience you had when you worked through the book the first time." – John

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John in real lifeBehind The Scenes

Origin Story

Every life tells a story, and understanding what has shaped someone’s experience in the past can help us not only appreciate them better in the present but also the perspectives that inform their hopes for the future. Learn more about who John is and how God, as the Author and Finisher of faith, has been at work to shape the man he is today.

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Honesty & hope


How we think influences how we interpret the world. John invites you to consider windows into his perspective via short-form writing. Brew a cup of coffee, settle into a favorite chair, and savor what he has to say.

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