An evening of inspiration and hope, curated by John ONwuchekwa


We Go On Live is an evening designed to help you hold on to hope during times that seem to make it so slippery. Come and enjoy an immersive experience in journeying through grief toward hope.

The We Go On Tour is designed as a next step toward healing. We’ve learned that sometimes the smallest steps are the most important ones - so, we curated a safe space for you to talk (and laugh) about the uncomfortable, intimidating, and sometimes scary topic: Grief. Our time together will be filled with coffee, live music, film, and conversation. Come experience a sense of both anticipation and freedom and leave with a wealth of hope.

Oh yeah, bring somebody with you because what you experience will be hard to explain later. Tragedy doesn’t ruin us. Hopelessness does. Join us for an evening full of hope!

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Looks can be deceiving.

You ever seen one of those fireplace screensavers on the TV? From a distance (if your TV has enough pixels & is positioned at the right height) the fire almost looks real. Almost. But, the closer you get, the clearer it becomes—this is nothing more than a decoration. All light. No heat. The more time you spend with it, the more you start to feel heat’s absence. The more you feel that emptiness, the less impressive it becomes.

Conversations about grief, only experienced over the internet, feel a little bit like a TV fireplace screensaver. All light. No heat. It catches our eyes and imagination but doesn’t do much to thaw hearts frostbitten with the cold teeth of grief. While I’m grateful for the way y’all have resonated with the book, the music, and the mini-documentary—it’s been hard (maybe more on me than you) to only be able to offer a fireplace screen saver. All light, no heat. These experiences are too meaningful to be shared with pixels. We’ve missed the feeling that we only get by experiencing this together…in person.

My book came out in January (a few weeks after my fam contracted COVID after successfully dodging it for a few years). Rather than trying to do a series of IG lives and internet conversations, I wanted to wait until things cleared up enough for us to do something person, instead of over pixels. Now, feels like a good time.

Over the next few months (August-September), I’m bringing some of my favorite people in the world to some of my favorite cities to try and start little (metaphorical) fires. I’m partnering with my friends @ The Gathering Spot to host the events in ATL, DC & LA. We’ve got some special places lined up in Houston and Dallas as well.

In each city, we’ll be partnering with black-owned Coffee roasters to provide (de-caffeinated) refreshments for the evening. Our friends at Oatly! have generously agreed to send along something that’ll pair nicely with the coffee. Live music, film, and conversation will round out the evening! You’ll leave with a gift bag of a signed book and something special as well. (If you already have a physical book…the price of admission is your book. Just bring it and come on in and enjoy the evening). I want to create an intimate experience. Something for us to share together. So on August 15th (one month from today), we’ll start this little journey. Together. Consider this your save the date, and come back for more updates.

As always, I’m grateful for all of y’all and look forward to seeing some of you soon!

John O

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