Through ventures like Portrait Coffee and The Crete Collective, John has been instrumental in endeavors that establish new narratives, particularly for Black and Brown folks. Tying all these plot lines together is John’s desire to see both individuals and communities thrive.

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"I love movie soundtracks. While I don’t rewatch a ton of movies, I do re-listen to movie soundtracks. In re-listening to the soundtracks, I get to re-live the movie. Most people don’t re-read books. So I hope that listening to the soundtrack will help y’all to re-live some of the experience you had when you worked through the book the first time." – John

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Portrait Coffee

Our motivation is to change the picture that comes to mind when folks think of specialty coffee—to include the black and brown folks who have been cropped out. We encourage you to join us in introducing specialty coffee to Southwest Atlanta by offering exceptionally roasted coffee and culture in a socially conscious way.

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Portrait Coffee
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Four In The Morning

four in the morning

If you’ve ever been up at 4 am, you know that even though it seems like the middle of the night, it’s really morning. It’s a reminder for me that the state of your surroundings doesn’t have to affect the state of your soul.

Join John and the people that inspire him as they talk about what it means to live in hopeful defiance, no matter what it looks like outside.

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Co-founding Pastor

Cornerstone Church

At Cornerstone Church, our mission is to display the greatness of Jesus through the everyday lives of His people. We believe that by the community of God consistently and comprehensively displaying the greatness and goodness of God, we will see overwhelming solutions to the areas of need in Southwest Atlanta.

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Cornerstone Church
Crete Collective

crete collective

The Crete Collective exists to establish gospel-driven churches in distressed and neglected Black and Brown communities. Historic and systemic injustices have created neighborhoods of poverty and need that are disproportionately Black and Brown. Church planting mostly overlooks people in these neighborhoods, leaving the communities distressed and vulnerable.

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